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We are well known kitchen design consultant, commercial kitchen planners, offering services like kitchen designing services that ranges from conceptualizing the layout, fitting of steam tank & pipes, interior ducting, purchasing right kitchen equipment to designing, we design kitchens with the functional, budget and aesthetic needs in mind of our customers.

However, this service does not end with the setting up of kitchen and the accessories required. We always strive to care for our esteemed clients by following every step of the business with a turnkey approach, which allows us to efficiently handle every aspect of your project.

System Development

  Food Quality Projects research areas include:
  Developing novel food processing technologies for better quality and nutritional value
  Improving separation and purification of high-value components
  Advancing computation and mathematical modeling to aid food product and process design
  Understanding reaction kinetics for more efficient food manufacturing and preservation of nutrients
  Understanding molecular structure and functionality of foods
  Advancing sensing technologies for improved monitoring of product quality in food manufacturing
  Advancing polymer science for food packaging materials and systems
  Improving efficiency of bio-catalytic processes and biotechnologies

Hygienic Design Support

The Purpose is to Help New Food Establishments to Comply with Food Safety and Sanitation Requirements thus ensuring ‘Build-in design’ thereby reducing the Subsequent Maintenance and repair and also costly Plant Up-gradations.

Process & Productivity Improvement

Our expert designers will take into account your tastes, your passions, your interests and your budget, as well as the space you have and the appliances you may need. Our designer will work with you to achieve an idea of exactly what you want with regards to design, functionality and aesthetic. We are keen to understand and interpret your individual needs.

Customer Specific Requirement Support

Every single Annapurna Kitchen is made-to-order as per your personal specifications, because we want to make sure your Kitchen is as unique as you are. Together we will draw up plans for your perfect kitchen and only when you are entirely happy with the design, will we begin to make your dream kitchen a reality. All Annapurna Kitchens are built for superior quality, highest standards and stability for long lifespan.

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