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Steam cooking system


We are Steam Cooking System manufacturer and supplier from India. we have successfully installed our steam cooking system in a number of states in India like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh etc. We are manufacturing products like Steam Cooking products, Bulk Cooker, Steam Jacketed Cooker, Non-Jacketed Steam Cooking products, Jacketed Steam Cookers, Sealed Kettles, Bulk Steam Cookers, Steam Kettle With Stirrer.

These cooking systems are manufactured using the best quality material with advanced technology under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Why Steam Cooking System?

Steam Cooking retains the texture & shape of the cooked food. The Food can not get over cooked No Possibility. In conventional cooking system 4 Burners used for Cooking 4 Items, whereas in Innovative Steam Cooking System 1 Burner cooked 4 Item at a time Saving of Time & Fuel. Suitable for Institute, Hostel, Temple, Hospital, Mass Catering who are having daily meal requirement of 50 thousand to 1 lac people. This cooking system require less time for cooking, hassle-free cooking, constant food taste and cost effective as compare to another cooking system.

Steam Cooking System is a modernized system of conventional Cooking System, which is very Safe, User-Friendly & Easy to operate. "COOK LIKE A PLAY" in Hygienic method with the smooth working flow.

Other Details

   Intensive time reduction in cooking compare to normal cooking time.
   It's not only maintain food quality but food taste as well.
   Free Training After Installation will provided.
   Minimum cooking skills required for operation.
   High quantity of food can be cooked with minimum cost.
   Best quality product transfer best level of heat for food cooking.

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Steam Cooking System

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